Get fruity bars :)

I will start off with a little bit of information about the company get fruity.

The brand was developed by Davina Whiteoak, on her farm in Cornwall. Get fruity bars were developed using a special blend of fruit, fruit juices, oats and virgin coconut oil.
The get fruity bars come in 3 different flavors.
  • juicy apricot,orange and ginger
  • moist mixed berries
  • scrumptious strawberry

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Lavender bath milk :)

Here we have the lavender bath milk by weleda.

 I am a massive lavender fan so i was really exited to receive this in the post.
when i opened the bottle to smell it i was really impressed, a really strong smell i really loved it.
I later put it in my bath i was a little disappointed, the fragrance wasn’t as strong in the bath but still it is a lovely product. mixes well and doesn’t leave a film over the top of the water like some products.

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Morning time cleanser :)

This is the morning time cleanser and rescue mask by eve lom.

 As thease are only sample size I can’t do a full review on them but I didn’t manage to get two days worth out of each sache witch was quite good.

I started of with the morning time cleanser. It felt really nice on the skin but the fregrance of the cleanser is very strong it’s a sort of herbal smell it’s not nasty just not for me . Left my skin lovely and smooth.

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Hydrating sea mask :)

This is the hydrating sea mask buy mudd.

2015 - 2

I borght this mask about 6 months ago and have only just got round to using it. I love this product one of the best masks I have tried . It a perfect addition if you are having a relaxing night at home or a pamper night with the girls.

The actual mask is a dark greenish sort of cream it’s quite think and it has a very sticky texture. I apply this to my face and leave it for about 15 mins and then wash off, it leaves the skin incredibly smooth and defiantly helped with my outbreaks. As the mask dries on your face you feel a kinda  feel tightening  that’s when you know the mask is working. It also washes of really easily wich is great.

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