Morning time cleanser :)

This is the morning time cleanser and rescue mask by eve lom.

 As thease are only sample size I can’t do a full review on them but I didn’t manage to get two days worth out of each sache witch was quite good.

I started of with the morning time cleanser. It felt really nice on the skin but the fregrance of the cleanser is very strong it’s a sort of herbal smell it’s not nasty just not for me . Left my skin lovely and smooth.

After 2 or 3 minuets I washed the cleanser off and applied the rescue mask. The fregrance in the rescue mask was still strong but not as strong as the cleanser. That also felt nice on my face. This one I left about 20 mins before washing off.
Over all I think thease are lovely products but can only say so much as I have only used them for 4 days.
The morning cleanser retails at £40 for 125ml bottle , an the
Rescue mask retails at £35 for a 50ml bottle.
Thanks for reading

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