Hydrating sea mask :)

This is the hydrating sea mask buy mudd.

2015 - 2

I borght this mask about 6 months ago and have only just got round to using it. I love this product one of the best masks I have tried . It a perfect addition if you are having a relaxing night at home or a pamper night with the girls.

The actual mask is a dark greenish sort of cream it’s quite think and it has a very sticky texture. I apply this to my face and leave it for about 15 mins and then wash off, it leaves the skin incredibly smooth and defiantly helped with my outbreaks. As the mask dries on your face you feel a kinda  feel tightening  that’s when you know the mask is working. It also washes of really easily wich is great.

I absolutely love this mask , I do tend to prefure the wash off masks to the peel off ones. It also says up to  5 applications , I got 6 so that’s a bouns.
One of my bugbears about facial marks is that I tend to find some brands sting your eyes with this one it doesentnso that is fantastic.
2015 - 1
I’m not sure if they still stock this product in the shops but you can defiantly buy it online from amazon for example. I think it retails at 99p for a single use size and about £3.00 for the 5 applications size.
I did buy this one on a offer with another peel off marsk from the same bran 2 for £5 , witch I will be reviewing the other at a later date.
I would definitely recommend this clay marsk it really is lovely.
Thanks for reading
Hayley xxx

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