Primark candle

Hi guys 20150329_175127

Who doesn’t love primark ?

We all do with there fantastic cheep products I am loving the P.s ….. Range of make up at the moment but enough of that I will do a blog post on that soon.Today I will be telling you about a great find that I just sort of bumped into a week a go and now decided I had to share it will you guys. I suppose it was by accident I came across these candles . What attracted me to them was the stylish look , the fruity smell and them the fantastic price. I love the packaging they come in a lovely square glass pots witch I will reuse after I have finished the candle. I think they would look lovely to put little accessories in on dressing table.

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ncLA nail Lacquer .


Today i will be reviewing the ncLA nail lacquer. This is a brand i had never tried or hear of , the brand is bases and originated in California and i was lucky enough to receive one of their nail lacquers in my latest glossy box.

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D.I.Y Make Up Remover.

Hi Guys.

Today i decided to do a D.I.Y make my own make up remover. This is so easy to make and is great for your skin it is 100% better than any make up remover you can buy from the shops mainly because it doesn’t contain any of the harsh chemicals. It is amazing.20150322_183906

All you need is:

  • A empty container
  • Johnson’s baby shampoo or body wash
  • Johnson’s baby oil
  • tap water

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Gucci Guilty .

I decided to do a review on one of my favourite perfumes, This is Gucci guilty by Gucci.

I don’t know how I would explain the fragrance of this perfume , I would say it’s a kinda fruity / tropical smell.

” it is designed for the glamours , daring, brave and sexy girls who like to enjoy there-self.”

I absolutely love this perfume it’s one of my all time favourites it’s makes me feel warm and sexy. It’s a very elegant fragrance.

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Orangeasm body wash.

This is the body wash from soap and glorys orangeasm range.

This has to be one of my absolute favourites. I absolutely adore the  fragrance of this body was, it’s very strong smelling, a very fruity zesty smell. I have found with other fruit fragranced products sometimes they don’t actually smell of the fruit but with this product I’d the compleat opposite. The liquid inside its a white colour and I would say kinda like the consistency of hand cream.

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The magnolia foaming bath cream.

This is the magnolia foaming bath cream from the floral range at marks and Spencer’s.

a30b9-20152b-2b3The sent of magnolia in this bath cream I wouldn’t say is overly strong but it enough it definitely by no means is dull , it’s just about right . They actually bath cream it’s self is sort of a gray colour but it does have a shimmer to it that makes it look lovely in the bottle. The packaging is also nice to look at , unlike some brands witch the packaging is just one colour the magnolia foaming bath creams bottle has a lovely floral design with pink and white flowers. It’s the sort of bottle that might catch you eye. The easy opening twist lid is also another added bonus.

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