The magnolia foaming bath cream.

This is the magnolia foaming bath cream from the floral range at marks and Spencer’s.

a30b9-20152b-2b3The sent of magnolia in this bath cream I wouldn’t say is overly strong but it enough it definitely by no means is dull , it’s just about right . They actually bath cream it’s self is sort of a gray colour but it does have a shimmer to it that makes it look lovely in the bottle. The packaging is also nice to look at , unlike some brands witch the packaging is just one colour the magnolia foaming bath creams bottle has a lovely floral design with pink and white flowers. It’s the sort of bottle that might catch you eye. The easy opening twist lid is also another added bonus.

The fantastic things about this product is that you only need a few drops for your whole bath to bubble up. I have tried 8810b-20152b-2b2many different bath products and what I love about this one is the bubbles last you find with some products they disappear rather quick. This bath cream is fantastic at moisturising and leaving your skin super soft , it can also be uses as a shower gel witch can come in handy when you don’t want to many bottle around your bath. Also found it very relaxing . This bath cream is a fantastic present to
90594-20152b-2b1buy some as it is suitable for all skin types.
 Over all I find this product very well presented , and fantastic quality and value for money, retailing at only £3 for a 500 ml bottle.
This is a bathroom must have , the products look, quality and feel is very much luxury but at a high street price witch is fantastic.
I would highly recommend this product.
Thanks for reading
Hayley xx

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