D.I.Y Make Up Remover.

Hi Guys.

Today i decided to do a D.I.Y make my own make up remover. This is so easy to make and is great for your skin it is 100% better than any make up remover you can buy from the shops mainly because it doesn’t contain any of the harsh chemicals. It is amazing.20150322_183906

All you need is:

  • A empty container
  • Johnson’s baby shampoo or body wash
  • Johnson’s baby oil
  • tap water

This is the very simple method of how to make it:

  1. Add a small amount of the shampoo or bath wash to your empty container or bottle.
  2. Next add the same amount of baby oil (make sure you don’t add to much oil as you don’t want it really oily on the skin.
  3. Then fill the rest off you bottle with tap water.

And that’s it , its really that simple and its so effective and great for the skin , it also lasts a long time and very cheep to make i absolutely love this D.I.Y.

Nearly forgot to mention also works great as brush cleaner !!!

Have you mad your own make up remover ?

To watch my video to see exactly how its made check it out on my you tube channel.


thanks for reading

Hayley xxx



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