Primark candle

Hi guys 20150329_175127

Who doesn’t love primark ?

We all do with there fantastic cheep products I am loving the P.s ….. Range of make up at the moment but enough of that I will do a blog post on that soon.Today I will be telling you about a great find that I just sort of bumped into a week a go and now decided I had to share it will you guys. I suppose it was by accident I came across these candles . What attracted me to them was the stylish look , the fruity smell and them the fantastic price. I love the packaging they come in a lovely square glass pots witch I will reuse after I have finished the candle. I think they would look lovely to put little accessories in on dressing table.


As you guys may or may not know I am a massive fan of candles and really love to burn them mostly when I’m in the bath and watching tv in the evening they just relax me. I decided I would give these primark candles a go. I brought it In nectarine & lemon blossom Sent , the lovely fruity sent of this candle is what made me buy it . I think they are such good value for money , I absolute love the sent of the candle and when lit the lovely fragrance fills the room it’s very relaxing.It Donets say the exact size of the candle but it is a decent size and They claim to burn for 30 hours, and I am not disappointed I have been burning mine every night for the past week and I still have just under half the pot left. Don’t get me wrong I love my high end candles but when money gets tight this is a great alternative. Honestly if I saw this20150329_175450 candle in a friends house I would never guess it was from primark. Retailing at only £2 it is a absolute barging I will defiantly be buying some different Scented ones to try.

I definitely recommend you all to take a trip to primark and pick up one of these candles to try they are one of my must have items at the moment.

Has anyone tried primark candles or are going to ? Comment below .

Thanks for reading

Hayley xxxx


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