Zuzka natural beauty !

Morning guys. Today i will be reviewing the lovely products i got kindly sent from Zuzka. I was so exited when these productsll arrived and couldn’t wait to start trying them. Zuzka natural beauty was the creation of susan kohutova. She suffered form from sensitive and allergy prone skin for a long time. She decided to create a natural cosmetic range without the harsh chemicals. The name Zuzka is her name in slovakian inspired but her husband. Anyway on to the products i revived. I was kindly sent 2 products to try, The re balancing mask and the color blue night cream.     Continue reading


April Pink Parcel…

20150418_113234Today i revived my first ever pink parcel. This is a girls monthly subscription box to help with their monthly period. I think this is a fantastic idea, i really really like it.  Before you receive your box you get to decide weather you want to receive tampons or pads and what brand. The box is then sent out to you a few days before you are due to start your period.

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hey guys,

how you all doing ? i hope you are all well. Sorry i haven’t posted in a while life has be getting under me and i have been very busy with visitors , on holiday and looking after my little boy and just have had the time to post. But no fear i am back on the ball now and i have about 6 posts ready to go just need typing up so they will be up soon. Thanks for everyone who reads my posts and supports me it means so much. So once again sorry it has been so long.

Many thanks as always guys and have a lovely day.

hayley xoxo